Met Bro Tablets ( 500 gms )

Met Bro tablets consists of Bromelain (Ananas comosus) which is from the family of protein digesting, sulfhydryl proteolytic enzymes that come from the stem and juice from pineapple plants. Supplementation is needed because sufficient amounts of bromelain cannot be achieved naturally.

Met Bro tablets can be used in a vast array of medical conditions.It is an anti-inflammatory agent, and so can be used for sports injury, trauma, arthritis, and other kinds of swelling. Its main uses are treatment of athletic injuries, digestive problems, phlebitis, sinusitis, and aiding healing after surgery.

It has also been proposed for the treatment of arthritis, chronic venous insufficiency, easy bruising, gout, hemorrhoids, menstrual pain, autoimmune disorders, ulcerative colitis, and sinusitis.

Studies have shown that Met Bro tablets can also be useful in the reduction of platelet clumping and blood clots in the bloodstream, especially in the arteries.

Most people will benefit from taking Met Bro tablets. However, certain people should not take Met Bro tablets because of the possibility of, allergic reactions. Those that are supplementing ginkgo biloba or garlic should avoid supplementation of Met Bro tablets, so should those on blood thinning medications.

Strictly adhere to directions on supplement label.